Your inbox, lightened up.

Create private notes on any email thread. Use that same thread as an async, micro-chat channel to collaborate with your workmates.
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Skate App for Gmail in contextSkate App for Gmail

Single tasking for the win

80% of your work starts in your inbox. With Skate, you can solve every email without having to take it somewhere else

Private notes and email thread comments

Skate allows you to create private notes on every email you want. Be it a task, a reminder, a note or a to-do, staying in context is easier than ever

A comment can be better than a chat and better than an email

Forget about creating a new channel on Slack or adding a new email to that long email thread. You can collaborate with other colleagues on Skate to add, edit, reply, or delete comments.

Draw a line between sync & async

Multi-way conversations that happen simultaneously in email and Slack are not the future we had in mind. Collaborate at your own pace, without constant triggers of your "monkey brain" to chase new, shiny notifications

What happens in Gmail, stays in Gmail

At Skate, we take privacy very seriously. All your conversations are private and protected.
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