Add Notes and Comments to Email Threads on Gmail

March 18, 2022

It’s been happening since the beginning of the online era. Collaboration tools have exploded across your web browser (Figma, Slack, Google Docs, Github, CRM, Notion…) and yet, your humble inbox remains “communication by default”. Rain or shine, co-workers, customers and providers will email each other endlessly, relentlessly, forever.

Add Notes and Comments to Email Threads on Gmail

Honest Screenshot

Slack threatened to “kill email” some years ago. But as much of a formidable challenger they were, they eventually accepted that being the “lowest common denominator” was email’s strength, not a flaw.

Hence, at Honest we do want to piggyback on that massive strength by giving you tools to enrich every email while, at the same time, limit the number of emails being sent.

So, what happens when teams use email to collaborate? CC’d, FWD’d and side threads are a necessary evil ripe for disruption. With Honest, you can share any thread with other people on your team, for them to see the whole conversation (plus any future replies). We want you to be able to show any colleague a thread, so they can follow along even if they are not a recipient of the original email. On average, 80% of your team’s attention to solve a subject being discussed will focus around 20% of an email thread’s content. By allowing you to take that 20% off the original thread (to a private comment section, like you may do on Google Docs), you can guide the conversation towards a quicker, leaner resolution.

You can also add personal, private notes to any email thread. Yep, another note-taking app, but with the quirky ability of “sticking” the comments you want to a conversation of your interest. You doing you 😊

Come try it… it’s free!